Partners in our mission

BlueHub Capital and its affiliates use innovative financial tools and deploy capital to support projects that make communities more vibrant places to live.

BlueHub Loan Fund helps connect low-income communities, many of them communities of color, with flexible financing to generate equitable and inclusive economic opportunity. It finances a wide range of real estate-related projects. BlueHub SUN works to prevent the displacement of families and the neighborhood-destabilizing effects of vacancy and abandonment by acquiring foreclosed properties before evictions occur and reselling them to their existing occupants with mortgages they can afford. NSP Residential is a real estate company focused on acquisition strategies aimed at neighborhood stabilization. Aura Mortgage Advisors, a licensed mortgage lender (NMLS #23467), provides affordable residential mortgages. One Percent for America empowers every American, current and future, to remove financial barriers to citizenship. BlueHub Energy stabilizes and reduces energy and utility costs of affordable housing and community facilities by improving their energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy use. BlueHub Managed Assets develops new business initiatives and innovative funding vehicles for low-income individuals and communities, and administers the investment of our New Markets Tax Credit allocations.

Celebrating Michelle Volpe’s Tenure

After 27 years with BlueHub Loan Fund, and 11 years at its helm, Michelle Volpe decided that it was time for a new adventure. Michelle started a new position at the Property and Casualty Initiative (PCI) in April 2022. 

Michelle joined BlueHub — then called Boston Community Loan Fund — in 1995 as a Loan Officer. She became Loan Fund president in 2011 and under her leadership the Loan Fund doubled in size, expanded nationally, built a very strong portfolio, and maintained its financial self-sufficiency. She is a leader in the community development financial institutions (CDFI) industry, and we have no doubt she will continue that success in her next endeavor. 

We salute her willingness to embrace new challenges, and we will miss her.

Elyse D. Cherry
BlueHub Capital

Charles Clark, Chair
Formerly, YouthBuild USA

Edward Dugger III
Reinventure Capital

Reese Fayde, Vice Chair
Reese Fayde & Associates

Julie Gould
J. Gould Consulting, LLC

DeWitt Jones
BlueHub Capital

Sarah Lincoln, Treasurer
Citizens Bank

Maria Maffei
Brookline Housing Authority

Victor Rivera
Bank of America

Mercedes Tompkins
Formerly, Brookview House

Michelle Volpe
BlueHub Capital

Rev. James Walsh, S.J.,
Esq., Clerk

Metro Law Center of James
F. Walsh, P.C.

Eva Clarke
Boston Financial Investment Management

Laura Hackell
Independent Consultant

DeWitt Jones
BlueHub Capital

Linnie McLean
Retired Finance and Community Development Advisor

Norah McVeigh
Formerly, Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF)

Jennifer Pinck

Victor Rivera, Chair
Bank of America

David Stolow
Boston University

Steven J. Tromp
First Republic Bank

Michelle Volpe
BlueHub Capital

Elyse D. Cherry 
CEO, BlueHub Capital; President, BlueHub Venture Fund, Aura Mortgage Advisors and NSP Residential 

Adam Beattie 
Operations Manager, BlueHub SUN

Cynthia Bowab
Senior Director of Digital, One Percent for America

Yaritsa Brea
Portfolio Management Analyst, BlueHub Loan Fund

Jonathan Coakley 
Loss Mitigation and Asset Manager, BlueHub SUN

Elisabeth Davis 
Assistant Vice President of Commercial Lending, BlueHub Loan Fund

Justin DeAngelis 
Negotiations Manager and Staff Attorney, BlueHub SUN

Catherine Dun Rappaport
Senior Vice President of Learning and Impact Management, BlueHub Loan Fund

Michele Eldridge 
Human Resources Coordinator

Lubna Maria Elia
Chief Administrative Officer

Jaime Escott
Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing, One Percent for America

Mariel Espinosa
Customer Relations Manager, BlueHub SUN

E. Matthew Gautieri
Senior Vice President, Controller 

Marlene Honore 
Administrative Assistant

DeWitt Jones 
President, BlueHub Energy and BlueHub Managed Assets 

Emily Kaminsky 
Compliance Manager 

Galina Kim 
Construction Loan Manager, BlueHub Loan Fund

Sarah Kitterman 
Senior Vice President of Commercial Lending, BlueHub Loan Fund 

Andrew Koh 
Senior Vice President of Operations 

Mei See Law-Sandson 
Senior Vice President of Portfolio Management, BlueHub Loan Fund

Carl Lochstampfor Jr. 
Underwriter, BlueHub SUN 

Ariana Mattice-Lybrand 
Impact and Operations Analyst, BlueHub Loan Fund 

Kathryn McHugh 
Senior Vice President of Commercial Lending, BlueHub Loan Fund

Autumn McLaughlin 
Vice President of Communications and External Relations 

Michael Nilles 
Senior Vice President of Commercial Lending and Team Leader 

Santiago Nuñez 
Client Relations and Lending Manger, One Percent for America 

Felipe Passos
Senior Accounting Analyst

Emily Rochon 
Director of Energy and Environmental Policy, BlueHub Energy

Johvanna Sampson 
Vice President of Commercial Lending, BlueHub Loan Fund

Rachel Serotta
Investor Relations and Development Manager

Julie Shea
Assistant Vice President of Commercial Lending, BlueHub Loan Fund

Erin Shull 
Communications and Investor Relations Analyst

Ebonié Smith-Cooper
Portfolio Management Analyst, BlueHub Loan Fund

Michelle Volpe 
President, BlueHub Loan Fund 

Ayjah Willis
Mortgage Loan Originator, BlueHub SUN

Lisa Zappala 
Chief Financial Officer 

Jason Zhang 
Senior Accounting Analyst

Deeba Zivari 
Strategic Partnerships Manager, One Percent for America


Ballard Spahr, LLP
Legal Counsel

Public Relations

John Blassick, Risk Solutions, Inc.
Risk Management Advisory Services

Craftsman Technology Group 
Salesforce Managed Services Provider

Ed Dewsnap, Microliance Business Solutions
Consultant, Accounting Systems

Elizabeth P. Dill 
Senior Finance Advisor

D.K. Brede Investment Management
Financial Advisory Services

Foley Hoag, LLP
Legal Counsel, NMTC and BlueHub Energy

Friel Valuation Advisors, LLC 
Valuation Compliance Services

Locke Lord, LLP
Legal Counsel

Jeffrey Mosholder 
New Path, LLC

Opus Design 
Design and Creative Services

Risk Strategies Company
Insurance Brokerage and Advisory Services

Sherin and Lodgen, LLP 
Legal Counsel

SkyTerra Technologies 
IT Consulting and Services

Technical Support International (TSI)
IT Consulting and Services

Communications Strategy

Fred Unger, Heartwood Group, Inc.
Consultant, BlueHub Energy

United Fund Advisors
Consultant, New Markets Tax Credit

Shannon Weiss
Talent Recruitment


Admirals Bank 

Bank of America

Bank of America Capital Corporation

Bank of America, Energy Efficiency Finance Program

BNY Mellon 

Boston Private Bank & Trust Company 

Boston Trust & Investment Management Company 

Brown Brothers Harriman 

Cambridge Savings Bank

Cambridge Trust Company

Cathay Bank 

Citizens Bank 

Dedham Institution for Savings

Eastern Bank

Fidelity ManagementTrust Company 

Hingham Institution for Savings 


JP Morgan Chase

Leader Bank, N.A. 

Needham Bank 

Northern Bank and Trust Company 

People’s United Bank

Rockland Trust 

Santander Bank

Salem Five Cents Savings Bank 

State Street Bank 

TD Bank

US Bank

US Bank Community Development Corporation 

Walpole Co-operative Bank *

Webster Bank

Wells Fargo 


The Amos and Boris Fund 

The Boston Foundation 

The Annie E. Casey Foundation 

The John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

King Mountain Foundation *

The Obermayer Foundation (part of the Micah Fund)

Perls Foundation 

The Pink House Foundation 

Robert Treat Paine Association^

The Rockefeller Foundation

Rowe Family Charitable Trust 

Impact First Fund

Seymour & Sylvia Rothchild Family Foundation 

Jim & Patty Rouse Charitable Foundation 

Rubblestone Foundation 

The Erich & Hannah Sachs Foundation 

The Schocken Foundation 

Lydia B. Stokes Foundation 


Diana M. Abbasy 

Joel & Robin Abrams

The Susan Alexander & Jim Gammill Fund * 

Theresa Alt & Wayles Browne 

Ann & Peter Anderson 

Mary & John Antes 

Roberta J. Apfel & Bennett Simo ^

Talia Arnow 

Peter & Kathi Arnow

Samantha Asker 

Nancy Askin 

Alma & Mitch Balonon-Rosen 

Julie L. Barnes 

Beate Klein Becker 

Norman & Nancy Beecher *

Emily Beinecke

Girma & Leslie Belay

Susan Berry 

John & Julie Blassick * 

The Derek Bok Advised Fund * 

Anna Bonsey 

Samuel Bonsey 

Andrew Boyd

Estate of Carol Brainerd 

Susan Brill(as part of Micah Fund)

Jess Brooks & Russ Neufeld 

Florence Brown 

Michael Brown

Gilda Bruckman * 

Thomas & Kamala Buckner 

Janet Buchwald & Joel Moskowitz

Margaret Bush 

Paul & Catherine Buttenwieser 

Anne Oldshue Calabresi & Robert Calabresi Oldshue 

Ami Chitwood & Rachel Besen 

Cristopher R. Conz & Christina P. Balch

David & Jessica Cook 

David B. Crocker 

Marie Crocetti 

Francis Cummings 

Ann Curby 

Duane Dale & Heidi Frantz-Dale 

Joan Dalton

Iphigenia Demetriades (member of NEWIRE and Wellesley Alum Investment Group)

Steven DePaul & Elisabeth Rendeiro 

Carl Dickson 

Carol Dickson 

John Dickson 

Priscilla Dickson 

Nina Dillon & James Recht 

Mary Ann Donaldson * 

Jeanne DuBois * 

Trilby Galen DuPont 

Betsy Duren 

Laurie Emrich & Gael Murphy 

Mildred Engberg 

David Ennis & Kathleen Macridis-Ennis 

Katharine Esty 

Martin & Nancy Evans * 

Martin & Susana Fantozzi * 

Mark L. Finklestein Charitable Gift Fund *

Terry & Kris Finn 

Lewis Finfer *

William Flannery 

Ezra Fradkin

David M. Frieze (as part of the Micah Fund)

Lauren & Bill Gabovitch (as part of the Micah Fund)

Sree Ganesan 

Charlotte Gilliam *

Rolf & Julie Anne Goetze * 

Judy Goldberg (as part of the Micah Fund)

Bruce & Eva Gordon 

Janet & Mark Gottesman (as part of the Micah Fund)

Julie Gould * 

Happy Green 

MA Grinnell Charitable Trust 

Laura Hackell (as part of Wellesley Alumna)

Jane & Chris Haigh

Gail & Thomas Hedges 

Ellen Hertzmark 

Tracy Hewat 

Bill Himelhoch 

Mimi Hollister 

J. Christopher Hormel 

Joel Horwich

Peg Hume 

Claire Humphrey

The Hurwitz Family

Hannah Elizabeth James 

Olivia James 

William Jarcho & Susan Traff 

Maria & Greg Jobin-Leeds 

Robert Johnston

Dick Jones & Viki Bok ^

Philip E. Joseph

The Joukowsky Family 

Lucia Kahn 

Daniel Kamentsky 

Karen Karp 

Barbara Kassler

Howard C. Katz *

Jonathan Katz & Norah Wylie (as part of the Micah Fund)

Benjamin Matlaw Kaufman (as part of the Micah Fund)

Nathan Asher Kaufman (as part of the Micah Fund)

D. Gail Kearns 

Elisabeth W. Keller & Steven C. Bonsey 

Julie & Peter Kelly-Detwiler

Lori J. Kenschaft & Randall D. Smith

Elaine Kihara & David Sweet 

Reverend David S. King * 

Jonathan Klavens * 

Steve & Daphne Klein 

W. Scott Klinger * 

Samuel Knight 

Alan Kosansky * 

Dawn J. Kramer 

Susan Labandibar 

Amos Lans 

Mike Lapham 

Susan B. Lantz 

Warren Leon & Cynthia Robinson * 

Sarah Lincoln & Jim Trafidlo * 

Joshua Eric Lipkowitz 

John Lippitt ^

Steve & Robin Lyndenberg

Paul MacEachern

Kristin & John D. Macomber * 

Maria Maffei * 

George & Stefania Mallett

Leslie Maslow

Jane R. Matlaw (as part of the Micah Fund)

Martha Matlaw 

Gregory Maul 

John & Barbara McCooe 

Ellen McGuire 

Peri & Tim McKenna

Matthew McTygue * 

Patrick & Julie McVeigh

Martin J. Mellett & Judith Walsh-Mellett 

Jeanne Miller Melton 

Judith E. Mendel

Merck Family Fund

Karl Michael & Meade J. Hanna 

Sara B. & Paul C. Milly

Richard & Margriet Morris 

Greg Moschetti 

Eva Moseley 

John Moukad * 

Mark Munger & Kate Bourne 

Ted & Caroline Murray 

Jessie Myszka 

Andrea Nash 

Catharine Nicholson 

Greg & Peggy Nilles * 

Anne & Eric Nordell 

Joan & Roderick Nordell 

Judith Obermayer * 

Loraine Obler & Margaret Fearey * 

Angela & Anthony Ocone 

Richard D. Olson, Jr. & Richard R. Smith 

Rena Oppenheimer

Scott Oran & Meryl Kessler (as part of the Micah Fund)

Karen E. Orso 

Theodore Osgood 

Colleen M. Osten 

Sally Owen 

Joan Parrish * 

Mandel Patinkin & Kathryn Grody 

Katherine Perls 

Edward N. Perry & Cynthia Wood 

Beatrice Phear *

Charlotte Phillips & Oliver Fein 

Sally Pick 

Sandra Polishuk 

Ines Polonius 

John D. & Geneva P. Pope 

Joan M. Powell 

Katherine M. Raisz 

John Rearick & Elizabeth Schnee 

Rebecca Regan & Meghan Regan-Loomis 

Elaine Reily & Marilyn Stern 

Ellen Remmer 

Ronald Riggert 

Carol Roby * 

Martha & David Rome 

Michael Roswell 

David Roswell 

Jeremy & Aviva Rothman-Shore 

Larry & Nancy Rowe 

Margaret & John Russell  * 

Skip Schiel 

Ivy Schwartz 

Karin Segal & Paul Sanders 

Lori Segall & Fred Berman 

Paul Shannon 

Zoe Sherman 

Herbert Shuer

Julia Shumlin

Gregory Sieczkiewicz 

Scott Silberfeld & Abby Easterly

Harvy Simkovits

Ken Sinclair & Betsy Blagdon 

Kristabel Stark

John Stix 

David & Suki Stolow 

Sawyer Stone 

Lee & Byron Stookey

Alice Stowell ^ 

Ruth Stuart 

Marilyn Sturman 

John & Nadine Suhrbier 

John Swain 

Sandra Sweetnam & David Smith ^  

Mattilda B. Sycamore 

Julie Tamler 

Joyce Tavon & Richard Caruso 

Lewis & Sandra Thompson 

Mrs. William Thompson 

John C. Thomson * 

Joan Tighe 

Mercedes Tompkins * 

Brian & Piper Trelstad

Carol A. Tye * 

Trudi Veldman & Robert Kamen ^ 

Michelle Volpe * 

Jim Walsh, S.J., Esq. * 

Amy Waters 

Michael Weinstein

David & Mary Wiley * 

Mark A. Willis * 

Margaret Winslow 

Sara Wise 

Russ Wolf & Martha Gilpatrick * 

Howard Wolk (as part of the Micah Fund)

Steven & Julie Woodward

Lee A. Work 

Katherine Wyatt 

Charlie & Sally Wyman

Lisa & Tom Zappala * 

Sean Zielenbach * 

Clients of the following Wealth Management Firms

Balanced Rock Advisors

Ballentine Partners

Barry Investment Advisors

Bickling Financial Services

Boston Common Asset Management 

BSW Wealth Partners

Choate Investment Advisors 

Clean Yield Asset Management

Conifer Investments

Fiduciary Trust Company 

Fresh Pond Capital 

Just Money Advisors 

Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge 

Natural Investments

Nichols & Pratt 

NorthStar Asset Management 


Peace of Money 

Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management 

The Sustainability Group 

Trillium Asset Management 

Veris Wealth Partners


Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation * 

ComCap Partners * 

ENAID Housing Trust 

Harvard University 

Opportunity Finance Network

Rosie’s Place 

Public Institutions

CDFI Fund of the US Department of the Treasury ^ 

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, Renewable Energy Trust 

US Department of the Treasury, 1603 Program

Religious Organizations

The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts 

Belmont United Methodist Church 

Boston Tzedec Community Fund 

Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston

The Episcopal Diocese of Iowa 

First BaptistChurch of Beverly 

First Church of Christ, Bedford 

First Congregational Church in Amherst (UCC) 

First Parish in Lincoln 

First Parish of Westwood, United Church 

Hancock United Church of Christ, Lexington, MA 

Harvard Epworth United Methodist Church, Cambridge 

Jewish Community Relations Council / The Micah Fund 

Mercy Partnership Fund 

Needham Clergy Association 

New England Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church 

Old South Church, Boston 

Parish of the Epiphany, Winchester 

The Paulist Center, Boston, MA 

Presbyterian Church, Sudbury 

Presbytery of Boston 

Sisters of Charity, Halifax 

Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, New Jersey 

Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin 

Society of the Divine Word, Chicago Province 

Society of the Holy Child Jesus 

St. Anne’s in-the-Fields, Lincoln 

Sudbury United Methodist Church 

Temple Emanuel of Newton 

Temple Hillel B’nai Torah (as part of the Micah Fund)

Temple Israel Boston (as part of the Micah Fund)

Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lynn 

Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock

Unitarian Universalist Society for Ministerial Relief, Inc.

The United Parish in Brookline 

United Parish of Auburndale 

USA Northeast Province Society of Jesus 

Other Financial Institutions


Parnassus Investments

Parnassus Mid Cap Growth Fund

Profit Point Fund 

Other Private Institutions


Frederick E. Fairfield & Fairfield Center, LLC * 

Krokidas & Bluestein, LLP * 

Miles Properties, Inc.

Property & Casualty Initiative

South Mountain Company 

And the many individuals and organizations who prefer to remain anonymous.

* Signifies Donor
^ Signifies Donor & Investor

177 Northampton Condominium Association

200 Tyler, LLC

Abode Communities

Abrams Development Company

A Community of Friends

AHC, Inc.

Allem Realty Trust

Alliance for Animals

Alliance for Young Families

Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation

Allyn 88

Ambition Preparatory Charter School

American Family Housing

American Youth Hostels — Boston Hostels, Inc.

Amos House

Amped Kitchens

Amped Kitchens — L.A. South

Arch Street Development, LLC

Architectural Heritage Foundation

Artist Tenants of the South End

Artists Cooperative at 300 Summer Street

Artists for Humanity, Inc.

Ascend Public Charter Schools

Asian Community Development Corporation

Aspire Public Schools TN, LLC

Beacon Communities, LLC

Becker + Becker

Belchertown Day School

Berkshire Arts & Technology (BART) Charter Public School

Berkshire Housing Development Corporation

Bethel AME Church

Beverly Affordable Housing

Boston Aging Concerns —Young & Old United

Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy

Block 912 JV, LLC

BOK Building

Boston Citywide Land Trust

Boston Film & Video Foundation

Boston Neighborhood Housing Services

Brady Sullivan Properties

Brass City Charter School

Breakthrough Charter School

Bridge Boston Foundation

Bridge Housing Corporation

Bridge Street Recovery

Bronx Pro Group, LLC

Brooke Charter School

Brookside Artists, LLC

Brown’s Super Stores

Building Hope

Callen-Lorde Community Health Center

Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association

Capstone Communities, LLC

Casa Esperanza

Casa Myrna Vazquez, Inc.

Casa Nueva Vida

Cascap, Inc.

Cathedral Church of the Savior

CB Emmanuel Realty, LLC

Centerboard, Inc.

Chappelle Gardens, Inc.

Charter Schools Development Corporation

Chelsea Neighborhood Housing Services

Cherry Street Partners, LLC

Chestnut Street Cooperative

Citizen Schools

Citizens for Affordable Housing in Newton Development Organization (CAN-DO)

City Lights

Civic Builders

Coalition of Occupied Homes In Foreclosure (COHIF, Inc.)

Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation

Colonial Village Apartments

Communities United, Inc.

Community Access

Community Action Agency of Somerville

Community Action for Better Housing (CABH)

Community Health Center, Inc.

Community Housing, Inc.

Community Investment Strategies (CIS)

Community Servings

Community Solutions, Inc.

Compass Rose Academy

Comunilife, Inc.

Cooper Lanning Square RenaissanceSchool Facilities

Coppin Heights Community Development Corporation

Cornerstone Properties Group of Wareham, Inc.

Creative Class

Crescent City Schools Foundation, Inc.

Crispus Attucks Children’s Center

Cruz Management Company

Cushing Manor Support Facility

Dakota Partners, Inc.


DIAL-SELF Teen Services

Dimock Community Health Center (Social Justice for Women)

Domus Development

Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation

Dorchester Gardenlands

Dorchester Home & Garden

EAH Housing, Inc.

E.L. Haynes Public Charter School

East Boston Community Development Corporation

East Harlem Scholars Academy

Economic Justice Partnership Fund

Ecumenical Social Action Committee (ESAC)

Elizabeth Stone House: Transitional Housing Project

Ellington Street Cooperative Corporation

Emmanuel Gospel Center

Emmanuel Housing Associates

ETC Development Corporation

Fairbanks Development, LLC

Fairfield Real Estate Development

Falmouth Housing Corporation

Farm Fresh Rhode Island

Fenway Community Development Corporation

Finex House

First Night, Inc.

Forest Glen Cooperative

Fort Point Arts Community Fountain

FORWARD at the Rock

Fountain Hill Square

Frank Thomas/Otisfield, LLC

Franklin Field South Neighborhood Association

Friends of Shattuck Shelter

FSG Partners, LLC

Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD)

Generations, Inc./Magic Me

Gestalt Community Schools

Girona Ventures, LLC

Great Oaks Charter School - Bridgeport

Green Dot Public Schools Tennessee

Greentown Labs, Inc.

Guidance Center, Inc./Center, Inc.

H R Ross Industries

HallKeen Management, Inc.

Harborlight Community Partners

Hart Development Associates

Harvard Community Health Center/Griffin House

Harwich Ecumenical Council for the Homeless

HEARTH (formerly Committee to End Elder Homelessness)

Hill Condo Association


Homes for America, Inc.

HomeStart, Inc.

Hope House

Hope Real Estate Enterprises, LLC

Horizons for Homeless Children

Housing Assistance Corporation

Housing Corporation of Arlington

Humphreys Street Studios

IDEA Public Schools

Inquilinos Boricuas en Accion (IBA)

Island Housing Trust

Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation

Jamaica Plain Scattered Site Cooperative

Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly (JCHE)

John M. Corcoran & Co.

Jumpstart for Young Children, Inc.

Just-A-Start Corporation

Keen Development Corporation

Kestral on Cooper

Kevin McCrea/Wabash Construction

KIPP Academy Lynn

KIPP Boston Academy Charter School

KIPP New Jersey

KIPP NYC Public Schools

KIPP Tech Valley
Charter School, Inc.

KIPP Whittier Development, LLC

Kit Clark Senior Services/Federated Dorchester Neighborhood Houses

Kretchmer Companies

L.D. Russo, Inc.

L.P. Athol Corporation

LA Family Housing

Lawrence CommunityWorks

Leadership Preparatory Charter School

Liberty Affordable Housing, Inc.

LIFE Academy


Lippitt Mills, LLC

Living in Dorchester

Lowell Community Health Center

Madison Park Development Corporation

MAEF Public Charter School

Make the Road New York

Mary’s Center for Maternal & Child Care

Mastery Charter School Foundation

Mattapan Community Development Corporation

Mattapan Community Health Center

MBS Properties

MD Properties

Media & Technology Charter High (MATCH) School

Memphis Business Academy

Memphis Rise Academy

Mercy Housing

Methunion Manor Cooperative Corporation

Metro West Collaborative Development

Midway Artists Collective, LLC

Michael Stella

Miles Properties, Inc.

Milton-Fuller Housing Corporation

Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc.

Mission SAFE

Mitchell Properties, LLC

Montgomery Housing Partnership

More Than Words, Inc.

Mount Pleasant Home

Mutual Housing Association of New York

Neighborhood Development Corporation of Grove Hall

Neighborhood of Affordable Housing (NOAH)

New Americans Community Development Corporation

New Atlantic Development Corporation

New Boston Fund

NewGate Housing, LLC

New Urban Collaborative

New Urban Development, LLC

Norbert Associates, LLC

North Metropolitan Homemakers — Home Health Aide Service

North Shore CDC

November Collective Cooperative Corporation

Nuestra Comunidad Development Corporation

Nu-Life Development Corporation

Oaktree Development

Omni Development Corporation Operation Outreach — USA, Inc.

Otisfield, LLC

OxbowUrban, LLC

Pacific Homes

Paige Academy

Park View Cooperative Corporation

Paul Sullivan Housing Trust

Pawtucket Development Group, LLC

Peabody Properties

Peabody Veterans Supportive Housing, LLC, an affiliate of Peabody Properties

Peace at Home

Penikese Island School


Peterbridge, Inc.

Pine Street Inn

Presentation School Foundation

Preservation of Affordable Housing

Providence Community Health Centers

Purpose Prep Academy, Inc.

Putnam & Western Cooperative

Quincy Geneva Housing Development Corporation

Reed Realty Advisors, LLC

Rehoboth Bethel Development Corporation

Resident Ownership Capital, LLC

Roxbury Multi-Service Center

Ruggles Affordable Assisted Living Center

Saigebrook Development

Salem Harbor Community Development Corporation

Salem Mission Second Home/United Homes for Children

Selfhelp Community Services, Inc.

Shelter, Inc.

Smart from the Start

SMILE Pre-School, Inc.

Sojourner House

Somerville Community Corporation

South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation

Southwest Boston Community Development Corporation

Spectrum Health Services

Spontaneous Celebrations

Springfield Prep Charter School

Starr Development & Brady Sullivan Properties

Straight Ahead Pictures, Inc.

SUN Behavioral Health, LLC

Sunset Acres Residents Association, Inc.

Tent City Corporation

The City School

The Communities Group (TCG) of Massachusetts

The Community Builders

The Doe Fund, Inc.

The Friends of TEAM Charter Schools, Inc.

The Garment District

The Gatehouse Group, Inc.

The Gathering Place

The Leaguers, Inc.

The Neighborhood Developers

The NHP Foundation

The Record Company

The Starting Line/MOPPETS

The Traggorth Companies, LLC

The Urban Food Initiative

Toward Independent Living and Learning, Inc.

Transformations, Inc.

Trinity Development

Trinity Financial, Inc.

Trust on Behalf of Eastern Service Workers Association

Tuttle House, Inc.

Type A Real Estate Advisors, LLC

Union Box Co.

University Lutheran Association of Greater Boston/Harvard Square Homeless Shelter

Urban Edge Housing Corporation

Urban Guild

USBCDC Investment Fund 191, LLC

Valley Community Development Corporation

Valor Collegiate Academies

Veterans Benefits Clearinghouse Development Corporation

Vicente’s Tropical Groceries

Victory Programs


Vision Development, Inc.

Visiting Nurses Association (VNA), Somerville

VNA Lowell Street Limited Partnership

Vocational Advancement Center

Volunteers of America —Greater New York, Inc.


Watertown Community Housing

Whittier Street Health Center


Windale Developers, Inc.

Winn Development

Woda Cooper Companies

Women’s Educational Center (The Women’s Center)

Women’s Housing Initiative (Brookview House)

Women’s Institute for New Growth & Support (WINGS)

Worcester Common Ground

Worcester East Side CDC

World Ocean School

WW Spectra Corp.

YWCA of Boston

Zeta Charter Schools

225 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, MA

Adams Court, Mattapan, MA

Atlas Lofts, Chelsea, MA

Cass House, Roxbury, MA

Champ Homes, Hyannis, MA

Greater Boston Food Bank, Boston, MA

Hopkinton Fire Station, Hopkinton, MA

Hopkinton High School, Hopkinton, MA

Hopkinton Middle School, Hopkinton, MA

Hopkinton Police Station, Hopkinton, MA

Jefferson Park Apartments, Cambridge, MA

LBJ Apartments, Cambridge, MA

Lincoln Way Apartments, Cambridge, MA

Mill Street Shared Solar Project, Gardner, MA

  • Boys and Girls Club of Fitchburg and Leominster, Leominster, MA
  • GAAMHA, Gardner, MA
  • Heywood Wakefield Commons Assisted Living Facility, Gardner, MA
  • Olde English Village, Gardner, MA

Mishawum Park Apartments, Charlestown, MA

New Bedford Boys and Girls Club, New Bedford, MA

North Canal Apartments, Lowell, MA

North Village Apartments, Webster, MA

Old Colony Homes, South Boston, MA

Onset Shared Solar Project (Onset East and West Developments), Onset, MA

  • 704 Main Street Apartments, Falmouth, MA
  • Brandy Hill Apartments, East Wareham, MA
  • Bridgeport Housing, Falmouth, MA
  • Canal Bluffs Apartments, Bourne, MA
  • Clay Pond Cove Apartments, Bourne, MA
  • Coffin Lofts, New Bedford, MA
  • Community Action for Better Housing, New Bedford, MA
  • Cranberry Manor Apartments, Wareham, MA
  • Cromwell Court Apartments, Hyannis, MA
  • Depot Crossing, East Wareham, MA
  • Edgerton Drive Housing, North Falmouth, MA
  • Housing for Independent Living, Carver, MA
  • Island Elderly Housing, Oak Bluffs, MA
  • Island Housing Trust, Vineyard Haven, MA
  • Kings Landing Apartments, Brewster, MA
  • Lawton’s Corner Apartments, New Bedford, MA
  • Manomet Place, New Bedford, MA
  • Oscar Romero, New Bedford, MA
  • Rock Harbor Village Apartments, Orleans, MA
  • Schoolhouse Green Housing, Teaticket, MA
  • Temple Landing Apartments, New Bedford, MA
  • The Lofts at Wamsutta, New Bedford, MA
  • Wamsutta Apartments, New Bedford, MA
  • Whalers Cove Assisted Living, New Bedford, MA
  • Woods Hole Apartments, Woods Hole, MA

Port Landing Apartments, Cambridge, MA

Quaboag Regional Middle High School, Warren, MA

St. Polycarp Village (2 and 3), Somerville, MA

  • Cross Street Apartments, Somerville, MA

Union Crossing, Lawrence, MA

Walden Square Apartments, Cambridge, MA

Warren Elementary School, West Brookfield, MA

Washington Elms, Cambridge, MA

West Brookfield Elementary School, West Brookfield, MA

Acelero Learning, Harlem, NY 

SelecTech, Inc., Avon, MA